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( Jul. 10th, 2008 11:02 am)
I am just popping in to say thank you to the following people for their comments, PM's and emails over the last couple of days. [ profile] sxysadie [ profile] ozchique[ profile] dunderklumpen [ profile] gmta_nz [ profile] marilla_pm67 [ profile] brianswalk [ profile] sexy_pumpkin [ profile] fraserette [ profile] positive_pat [ profile] tigerstriped86 [ profile] shadownyc [ profile] kittykat2305 [ profile] starlightbj [ profile] secretsolitaire [ profile] geckoholic [ profile] kata_ny every word you have said has in some way made my light begin a make a slow recovery.

I have created a graphics journal at LJ which you can find here It is full of icons of all characters which are free for the taking. I also have a writing journal at LJ which you can find here. After QAF and my beloved Ben and Michael, writing is my passion, which some of you know. I of course also have my Ben and Michael Forever website which can be found here. Although it is mainly full of Ben and Michael content I have added two pages of general QAF graphics, including icons, headers and wallpapers.
Ok enough of pimping myself, now to pimp some other wonderful people and communities.

[ profile] queerpittsburgh and [ profile] qaf_sanctuary are two new QAF based communities which are open to all pairings. [ profile] queensoftarts of which I am a co-mod is also a new community which has a wide range of happenings to cover everyone from video makers, to graphics makers and writers challenges. [ profile] boys4all is another great little comm open to all pairings and has great challenges going on. [ profile] queerascaps is what it's name suggests, a place to find caps which are always wanted and appreciated.
Another two wonderful places which I recommend you check out are [ profile] inside_kinnetik, especially for graphic makers with tutorials by the wonderful [ profile] badbadpixie and Reminiscent-designs, hosted by [ profile] marilla_pm67 who does so much for fandom.

I am going to disappear again after I have posted my friends icons for this months icon challenge at [ profile] queensoftarts, and on Monday I will be back. I want to write, watch and just spend some time with my beloved Ben and Michael and then get back into the wonderful world of fandom.

[ profile] geckolic if you could change the link at [ profile] queerascaps for my new graphics journal I would appreciate it.
[ profile] fraserette I will get the graphics you wanted made over the weekend.

Thank you everyone.

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