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( Mar. 5th, 2009 02:43 am)
Because we both love certain things about these scenes :)

This is written for [ profile] gmta_nz with love. I hope it is something like you wanted.

Title: Bound Together With Love
Author: [ profile] foreverbm
Timeline: When JR is about five
Words: 646

Bound Together With Love )
Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend, I hope your birthday is everything you wish it to be and I am so happy to be able to call you a friend.

I wrote this for you for your birthday. It is something you once asked for and I hope it is what you wanted.

Hurting And Healing
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( May. 3rd, 2008 01:43 am)
As some of you may know, I have a website dedicated to the wonderful Ben and Michael. Now don't run away, let me finish :)

I have decided to make a new page on their site for all my other QAF graphics, icons, wallpapers, headers etc.

So if you want to check it out here are the links:

If you want to go to my homepage to see what I have on my entire site here is the link:

Ben and Michael Forever

If you just want to go the general QAF page here is the link:

General QAF Graphics

Also, if you check out the new page let's know if it looks ok on your monitor, for some reason it looks fine when I look at it on mine, but when I previewed the link on here it didn't come up as it should!
Four Ben and Michael drabbles written for the challenge "Leather" at IJ. Posted because [ profile] firehead30 needs to read them :)

Warning: All Contain Sexual References or Sex


Leather )
Title: Back Where We Belong
Author: Foreverbm
Genre: Angst/HC
Rating: NC-17
A/N: This is the sequel finally to Battered and Bruised. Apologies to those who have been waiting so long for it. I hope I have succeeded in giving you a satisfactory ending.

Back Where We Belong )
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( Feb. 10th, 2008 08:16 pm)
This was written for a challenge community I belong to at IJ ( the theme was ring(s) but [ profile] _boyangel also wanted a new PWP from me, so I dedicate it to her as well....I hope you like it.

Title: Forever
Pairing: Ben and Michael
Rating NC17

Forever )