This journal is friends only! I am always happy and excited to make new friends, but if you are homophobic don't bother coming here.

I am a Ben and Michael shipper in the Queer As Folk world. If you want to bad mouth Ben and Michael, or Hal and Robert, don't bother coming here. I respect everyone's pairings/ships and I expect, and I believe deserve, that same respect.

If after all that, you still think you would like to be my friend, and read my sometimes aimless ramblings, I would love to get to know you better. I don't filter my entries so you will get a variety of the QAF world as well as personal posts.

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Oh I love the banner a lot Viv!!!! I especially love the one with all three of them looking out the bus' window :O)


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The banner is gorgeous! Just a thought though -- it appears that this entry is locked, so no one but your current friends will be able to see it. You may want to make it public so potential friends can see it. :-)

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Shows you how unthinking I am at you for reminding me to do that :)

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Hey viv, would you mind helping me create a friends only banner and a new layout? I had such trouble with the other one.
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Hi! I've been given a shove in your direction by my good friend [ profile] jans_intentions. I'm getting into QAF in a big way and I'm bursting to read some Ben/Michael fic. I just adore those two. So just to let you know, I'm going to friend you and have a rummage around your fics, if I may :o)

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Hello and nice to meet you :)

You will find my fic journal bursting at the seams with Ben and Michael's a couple of ways to find all my writings. My fic journal is [ profile] foreverbmfics I also have a Michael writing journal [ profile] michael_n_b and I also have a website completely devoted to Ben and Michael www. which you may like to have a look around :)

I have friended you back and look forward to getting to know you :)

I am abour to start another 100fanfic challenge for my boys as well, so the Ben and Michael love will be alive for a long time :)

Please thank Jan for sending you in my direction for me :)
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Nice to meet you, too! I'm looking forward to getting stuck into your work. I shall certainly thank Jan for helping me find you. I'm so suprised that the Michael/Ben pairing is so rare. I think they're very slashable ;o)

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viv, i just went to unlimited_hope but it wouldn't let me told me to contact you!

i don't know what to do!

your techno challenged friend!


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Ok, I have given you posting access, which means when you go to the profile page click 'watch this community' in the options on the right side of the page and then an email should be sent to me I think and I can confirm you.
I am having a senior moment think this is how it works, if not get back in touch and I will try another is what happens when I have about 5 journals and a couple of


see what I mean, I was logged in as Michael originally when I answered this and log in as me and answer as me...

need sleep and coffee I think :)