This is written for [ profile] gmta_nz with love. I hope it is something like you wanted.

Title: Bound Together With Love
Author: [ profile] foreverbm
Timeline: When JR is about five
Words: 646

“Do you know how lucky we are” Ben said, as he wrapped his arm around Michael’s shoulders as they sat in the dimming evening light on the back porch.
Michael looked up at his husband a confused look on his face.
“What are you talking about?”
“This….everything.” Ben said, making a sweeping motion with his arm.
Ben ruffled Michael’s hair. His husband made him laugh sometimes.
He was about to answer when JR’s squeals filled the air as she came running around the corner and into sight with Hunter on her heels.
Michael laughed.
“Ok, I get it.” He replied as he watched Hunter pick JR up and swing her high in the air.
“Daddy, Dada….look at me.” She yelled.
“I see you honeybun.” Michael replied a wide smile on his face then continued “Hunter, be careful ok.”
“Chill out dude she loves it….don’t you kid?”
“Yessssssssssss……higher Hunter…higher.” She yelled back at him, her giggles filling the air.
Michael laughed before turning back to Ben.
“Have I told you lately how much I love you?” Michael said, running his fingers down Ben’s face before dropping a soft kiss on his mouth.
“Let me think….yes…I seem to remember you mentioning it last night.” Ben said, winking at Michael “Just before you…..”
His words were cut off as JR came running up to them climbing onto Michael’s lap.
”Yes sweetheart.” He answered, kissing the top of her head.
“Why can’t I live with you all the time?”
Michael looked at Ben before turning to his daughter. Her big brown eyes that reflected his own looked back at him.
“Because you live with your mommies and Gus.” He replied “You would miss them if you lived here.”
“No I wouldn’t Daddy.” She shook her head. “I could go visit them like I visit you and Dada.”
“But they would miss you sweetheart.” Michael said. “And what about all your friends at Kindergarten.”
JR sat quietly for a moment.
“I know Daddy!”
“You and Dada can come and live with us!” She clapped her hands in delight.
Michael laughed, squeezing her to him.
“We can’t do that JR.” He replied “Daddy has his store and Dada has to teach here.”
“But you could do that where I live Daddy.” She said “I miss you.”
Her lip began to tremble and Michael turned her to him wrapping his arms around her, as she buried her head in his shoulder.
“We miss you to sweetheart.” He said, a catch in his voice.
Ben gave Michael a squeeze, knowing exactly how much he missed his daughter.
“JR” Ben said, turning her head to him. “I have an idea.”
”What Dada?” she asked.
“How about tomorrow we make a video of Daddy and then whenever you miss him you can get your mommies to put it on the TV and you can watch it.”
Michael gave Ben a thankful smile, unsurprised that his husband always knew exactly what to say or do.
JR seemed to consider this for a moment before a wide smile crossed her face.
“You and Hunter too Dada.” She said, reaching out for Ben who pulled her onto his lap.
“Yes JR, Hunter and me too.” Ben said. “Now it’s your bed time.”
”Noooooooo…..don’t want to!” She stated, wriggling in Ben’s arms.
Ben stood, lifting JR onto his shoulders.
“If you be a good girl and get into your pajamas, I will read you’re a story.”
”Hungry Caterpillar Dada?”
Ben laughed. “Yes JR, Hungry Caterpillar.” He replied as he turned to walk inside.
Michael stood as Hunter came up to them and they all walked inside each with their own thoughts about their lives but knowing those thoughts would be mirroring each others.
They all knew they were truly lucky they were to have what they did.
A home and a family bound together forever with love.
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