I have lost my 'inner fairy' and my 'pilot light is not burning bright'

I hope it comes back, I do not like feeling like this. It hurts.

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Write me a story. A sweet, gentle story of the Ben/Michael love. Something about Hunter being a smartass. JR having him wrapped around her tiny little finger. Or a nice Ted/Blake drabble, or some Ted/Emmett friendship. No angst, just nice people being nice to each other :)

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awww, thanks for forgiving my shameless pimping, and joining [livejournal.com profile] boys4all, babe! hope you have many, many hours of reading fun! :)

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I might even write for the community, as soon as I understand how it all works.

I especially like that it's multi-fandom and multi-pairing.

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oh, I'd LOVE for you to write something!! yeah, an new author!

"multi-fandom and multi-pairing." yip, that's what it's all about. I got tired of trying to keep up with all the fandoms I like, and decided I need the writers to post in one place to save me time and make my reading easier... :))

any questions you have, just let me know! ridiculously.romantic75@ gmail.com.

and feel free to pimp... ;-) especially if you're involved in fandoms outside of QaF. I've got some Torchwood and Supernatural and DC comics guys I nag on a regular basis, but I don't know any people outside of those.

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yikes... wow, hon, what happened? are you okay?

*hands you an olive* (I'm on an olive spree at the moment... LOL)

PS: love your LJ!! awesomely beautiful pics, Ben just has the most beautiful smile - you did them yourself?

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Thank you and yes I designed my LJ myself, I love making graphics and I'm glad you like my dedication to the boys and QAF :)

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Dumpling, you must find your inner fairy. You're a bright light in the LF QAF world. *hugs*

*hands you match to relight pilot light*

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Aww what happened? I Haven't really gotten to catch up with anyone on my flist lately but I am still here if you want to talk.

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I'm feeling a little pissy myself. You are one of the brightest lights in the fandom, so here's hoping you're glowing again soon. *hugs*

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*BIG HUGS* And *Sends Emmett as inspiration*

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Oh noes! =( Can I Help? What will bring you out of this funk?
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Awww.. *hugs* this does not make for happy reading.
Whatever it is, please talk to us if you need to. Sending you my best wishes. xxx