Titles: Brother and Sister
Author: [livejournal.com profile] foreverbm
Timelines: From JR as a baby to a 15 year old.
Genre: General
Written for the prompt First Time at IJ comm.

Brother and Sister (1)

Michael heard JR crying for the third time that night and started to get out of bed but Ben reached out stopping him.
“Stay there, I’ll see to her.”
“Thanks.” Michael replied, snuggling back under the covers.
Ben grabbed his robe and headed downstairs to heat her bottle, hoping that would settle her for the night.
By the time it was ready her crying had stopped and he pushed open her door quietly.
Hunter was sitting in the chair, JR in his arms, sound asleep.
He crept away silently, a smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to tell Michael.

Brother and Sister (2)

Hunter looked up from the TV when he heard JR’s cries. Michael had promised she would stay asleep as he ran out the door, yelling he would only be five minutes.
He stood and walked upstairs and into her room. Her chubby little legs were kicking at the blankets and her eyes brimming with tears.
Shit. He tentatively picked her up, amazed when she instantly stopped crying.
“Don’t like being alone huh kid!” he said as he carried her downstairs sitting her on his lap.
“See that’s a zombie!” he said pointing at the TV. He was sure she giggled.

Brother and Sister (3)

“JR’s crying.” Hunter said as he walked into the kitchen where Michael was preparing dinner.
“Well go and see what’s wrong with her” He replied without looking up.
“What me?” Hunter said, a scowl crossing his face.
“I’m busy.”
“Busy making…what the hell is that?” Hunter asked looking over Michael’s shoulder.
“Dinner!” Michael stated with a ‘keep your remarks to yourself’ look on his face.
Hunter walked away muttering and headed upstairs.
He opened JR’s door to find her sitting up in her crib tears streaming down her face.
He picked her up carefully.
“What’s the matter?” He asked and got a loud scream in response from her.
“You hungry?” he laughed “Just be pleased you’re too little to eat your father’s cooking.”
JR gulped some air and was about to let out another scream but stopped when Hunter tickled the soles of her feet, a giggle escaping from her instead.
“See that’s better than screaming isn’t it!” Hunter said. “Christ you’re wet.”
He laid her on the floor, then picked her up, putting a blanket under her.
“Ok, I’ve seen your fathers do this often enough, how hard can it be.” He said to her as she looked up at him with her big eyes.
He could tell she was about to start screaming again so quickly pulled off her sleeping suit and soggy diaper.
“That would make anyone scream.” He said to her as he dropped it as far away as possible before reaching up for a dry one.
“We can do this ok?” he mumbled, as he fiddled with the diaper, finally working out which way it went on her. Once he had it on he picked her up and was surprised when it stayed there. He did up her suit and carried her down stairs and into the kitchen.
Michael looked up at them, a smile crossing his face seeing them together.
“What was wrong with her?” He asked.
“She was wet”
“Do you want me to change her?”
“Already done.” Hunter said proudly.
“You changed her?” Michael couldn’t keep the surprise out of his voice.
“Course I did, nothing to it, isn’t that right JR?” He looked at her, a smile on his face which turned to a grimace when her pudgy fingers grabbed a handful of his hair.
“Perhaps you’d like to give her dinner?” Michael suggested.
“Don’t push it dude.” Hunter replied, sitting her in her highchair and walking out the room.
Michael couldn’t help but laugh as he turned to his daughter.
“You like your big brother don’t you.”
She clapped her hands as if agreeing with Michael’s words.

Brother and Sister (4)

Hunter turned as Michael walked into the kitchen.
“Hunter can you go and collect JR from kindergarten?”
“Because I am trying to finish packing! Ben wants to get on the road early tomorrow.”
They had spent a week with the girls and Hunter was actually disappointed they were going home. He’d enjoyed himself more than he thought he would.
“I guess.” He finally answered.
“Thanks.” Michael replied, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his wallet.
“Here” He said handing Hunter some cash “Get an ice cream on the way home.”
”Choice!” Hunter replied with a grin and Michael laughed as he watched Hunter bound out the room. He was still a kid in many ways.
Hunter arrived at the kindergarten and looked around for JR finally finding her sitting in a corner, her legs crossed, a pink Barbie bag, almost as big as she was, sitting in front of her.
“Hey kid lets go.” He said standing above her.
She didn’t move and he noticed her bottom lip tremble. He sank down onto the floor next to her.
“What’s the matter?”
She wouldn’t look at him and he reached out turning her head.
“Cindy said I’m strange.”
“Who’s Cindy?” Hunter said, looking confused.
“My friend.”
“Why did she say that?’
“Cause I don’t have a mommy and daddy like she does.”
“You have a mommy and daddy.”
“No I don’t” she said, as a tear rolled down her face.
He fumbled in his pocket for a handkerchief and wiped away her tear as he pulled her onto his lap.
“Listen JR, Cindy knows shit ok! You have two mommies and two daddies and that makes you an extra special girl.”
She looked up at him with her big brown eyes.
“Cause that means that you get four times the presents on your birthday.” He said and saw a small smile cross her face.
“And you know what else you get?”
“What Hunter?”
“Four times the love. So you tell Cindy that next time ok?”
“Ok.” She said. “But Hunter?”
“I’ve got Mommy and Moma and Daddy and Dada, but you don’t have a mommy and daddy.”
“I’ve got Ben and Michael, they’re my parents.”
“But you don’t call them Daddy.” She said shaking her head. “Why not?”
Hunter sighed. She was a smart kid he decided.
“You know what kid?” He said, lifting her off his lap and standing up, picking up her bag and taking her hand.
“I think we need to talk about this over ice cream.”
“Strawberry ice cream Hunter!” She declared as she pulled him out the door.

Brother and Sister (5)

Hunter opened his apartment door to find a bedraggled JR standing there.
“What are you doing here?” He said, as he pulled her inside, slamming the door shut. She just stood there, her wet hair matted and clinging to her face. He saw her shiver and began to unbuttoned her coat, pulling it off and led her towards the warmth, sitting her on the sofa.
It had taken a while for him to get used to being her big brother and even now, at 15, she still came to him when she didn’t want to talk to her parents. Perhaps it was the differences more than the similarities they shared that had drawn them closer over the years he thought as he waited patiently for her to speak.
“Josh dumped me.” She finally said and burst into tears.
Christ. He was JR’s first boyfriend and she’d fallen for him hard, despite all her parents and him telling her to take it slowly.
He hadn’t liked him from the start, something about the way he treated JR pissed him off but she had brushed off his concerns saying it was just his way and he was just very protective of her.
He’d let it pass but still kept a wary eye on him whenever she had brought him home to Ben and Michael’s.
“Why?” He asked, somehow knowing what her answer would be as he handed her a box of tissues. She grabbed one and wiped her eyes before looking at him.
“Because…..because I wouldn’t sleep with him.” She said and burst into a fresh lot of tears.
He’d kill that little shit the next time he saw him and it took all of his control not to unleash a barrage of words about him. But he knew that’s not what JR needed to hear.
He pulled him to her as she sobbed against his chest going over in his mind what to say, remembering back to a time when he was not much older than her and he thought his life was over until his fathers had told him that one day he would find true love. Now at thirty two he knew they were right.
“JR listen to me. “ He lifted her tear stained face. “I know it hurts now but you will get over it.”
”I love him.” She cried.
“I know but what he wanted you do was wrong.” He said. “You’re only 15…”
”I’m not a child!” She interrupted angrily.
“I know you’re not.” He replied “But you made the right decision. You are worth more than that and if all he wanted you for was sex he wasn’t worth it.”
”Let me finish.” He stopped her speaking “You knew it was wrong, otherwise you would have said yes.”
“Maybe…” Her voice was soft when she answered him.
“So to me, you made a very grown up decision.”
”Do you think so?” She looked up at him and he was pleased to see a small smile cross her lips. “But what if…..”
“This happens again with someone else….no one will ever want me.”
“Do you know that I once said almost those same words to your father’s”
“You did!” She looked surprised “How come?”
He was pleased to see he had managed to get her thoughts away from Josh, at least for the moment.
“It doesn’t matter why what matters is what they told me.” He said “They said that one day I would find someone like they found each other. I didn’t believe them but they were right.”
”How did you know Amanda was the right one?” JR asked, tucking her feet under her as she snuggled up closer to Hunter.
“I don’t know but I just knew she was as soon as I saw her. And when the right guy for you comes along, you’ll know as well.”
“You think so?” She said, looking at him, her eyes still bright with unshed tears.
“Yes.” He replied “But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun but if and when you decide to have sex with someone, do it because you want to, not because they threaten to dump you if you don’t.”
She reached up and kissed his cheek, a proper smile on her face for the first time tonight.
“Thanks Hunter…you know for an old guy you’re pretty cool!”
”Hey not so much of the old!” He laughed. “Now how about we do what your Grandma always said was the answer to all problems?”
“What’s that?” She asked laughing.
“Eat ice cream of course.” He replied jumping up from the sofa and heading to the kitchen with JR on his heels.

From: [identity profile] shadownyc.livejournal.com

These were so fabulous! I was touched by each and every one and could see them all happening as I read.

From: [identity profile] foreverbm.livejournal.com


Thank you so much. Being touched and actually being able to see them as you read them is the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

From: [identity profile] dunderklumpen.livejournal.com

"Adorable" was the first thing I thought when I read the first ones, "lucky" the word which came to my mind when I read the last ficlet. I liked these very much. It's always nice to see the interaction between the two of them.

From: [identity profile] foreverbm.livejournal.com

Thank you :)

I love exploring their relationship as they both grow up.

I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

From: [identity profile] starlightbj.livejournal.com

“Four times the love. So you tell Cindy that next time ok?”

Loved this fic. Love Hunter. He's a sweet big brother with good advice.

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