Subject Queer As Folk
Michael Novotny-Bruckner
Batch #2 (17 - 36)
Themes Secrets, All That I Am, Soul Food, Love, Fire, Icy, Glory, Full Of Regret, Green, Blue, Red, Forgotten, Snarky, MmmYum, Hush, Reminisce, Why, Time, So Close Yet So Far Away, Joy
Additional Notes Due to Michael being part of a same sex marriage, there maybe some nudity behind the cut. Is this bothers you, please do not follow the cut. Thanks.
Other Notes As IJ is down and not known how long for I decided to post my second batch of icons here. Will post at my graphics journal when IJ is back up.


Michael Novotny-Bruckner )
Four Ben and Michael drabbles written for the challenge "Leather" at IJ. Posted because [ profile] firehead30 needs to read them :)

Warning: All Contain Sexual References or Sex


Leather )

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